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BlueChip™ is in it for life – your life! We’re here to help you get on the right track with our unique health improvement program. Whether you want to start eating healthier, manage your weight, practice mindfulness and positivity, or achieve a better work-life balance, BlueChip will help you get there. And you won’t be getting there alone. You are now part of the BlueChip community – a network of employer groups, employees and their family members embarking on their health and wellness journey together. Better yet, the BlueChip program can be customized by you, for you! So get ready – it’s go time!

Fit For The Job: BlueChip Program

The BlueChip program offers businesses, from small to large, a health and wellness program that goes beyond what the typical in-house or health insurance company program provides. The BlueChip program aims to keep you happy and healthy both in and out of the office (warning: friendly competition may occur!).

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    The Get Smart Challenge invites you to learn about something (any topic of your choosing) for 500 minutes during the next month (approximately 17 minutes a day). Learn a new skill. Read a book. Track how many minutes you spend learning each day. To complete the challenge, track 500 minutes or more by April 30th. […]

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    March Challenge: Sweet Dreams! Team BlueChip

    February 28th, 2017 by BlueChip

    The Sweet Dreams Challenge invites you to track how much sleep you get each day for one month. Knowing how much you sleep is the first step to making sure you get enough (7 to 9 hours for adults). Track how many hours you sleep each day. To complete the challenge, track for 25 days or […]

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    February’s Challenge: Eat Clean! Team BlueChip

    January 31st, 2017 by BlueChip

    The Eat Clean Challenge invites you to eliminate sugar, fried foods and refined grains from your diet for one month. Sugar, fried foods and refined grains are empty calories, high in calories and have little to no nutrition. TIPS FOR EATING CLEAN! – Replace sugary drinks with water or seltzer … but no diet drinks! […]

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    Thank you to our friends at InspireCorps for sharing this three minute reset exercise to cultivate gratitude with us. We are passing it along to spread the gratitude! Click here for a larger version.

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    This months challenge, Arctic500 invites you to engage in 500 minutes of outdoor activity. What are the benefits of cold weather workouts? 1. You burn more calories.This is probably the best and most popular perk. Because your body is working harder, your metabolism revs up and your body burns more calories and fat to produce […]

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    This year’s holiday challenge, “Maintain Don’t Gain” is about not gaining pesky holiday pounds and maintaining your overall health. Did you know the average American gains 1 to 2 pounds during the holiday season. Year after year, those pounds add up, leading to potentially being overweight later in life. Weigh-in at least once a week during the holidays […]

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    This month’s challenge is Five Alive! It encourages you to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, for a total of 150 this month. You may wonder, though … what is a serving and how can you estimate how much you have had? Below is great guide on how to “guesstimate” your daily […]

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    BlueChip is all about forming positive, sustainable habits. Whether you’re replacing bad habits with good or just starting a new positive routine, it feels great to truly make something a habit that you no longer have to think about, it’s just something you do. I’ve always been somewhat of a runner, but as of late […]

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    Welcome to October … beginning of the next challenge, “Air1,000” which encourages you to get 1000 active minutes of fresh air for the month. 6 Health Benefits of Fresh Air Fresh air is good for digestion: It helps you to digest food more effectively. That is why it’s great to take a small walk outside after […]

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    This month’s Team BlueChip challenge is Walkie Talkie. The Walkie Talkie Challenge invites you to walk with someone else for 500 minutes during the next month (17 minutes a day).  Walking and talking are two of the best things you can do for your well-being.  Talking on the phone while you walk works too.  Track […]

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